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Unbound is a true account of a Christian woman who during a time of mental illness became heavily involved in the occult. God brought her out of mental illness and demonism to tell her story of how and why a Christian can become trapped in the occult and what the endgame is. She explains what she saw and experienced—how satan destroys a weakened believer through mental illness, leaving a family in shambles. This is Kelly Jadon's story.

1 in 4 will experience mental illness in his or her lifetime: the rich, the poor, children, the elderly, your neighbor, maybe even you. There is good news!  The power of God heals and makes whole the body, the mind, and the spirit.  He provides what is necessary for healing; He renews marriages and  saves family relationships.

Kelly Jadon is a witness to the subtle and hidden demonic  hooks which many are snagged by.  She reveals how the enemy takes  Christians away from the church and God and she exposes the widespread deadly deception of evil which is rapidly invading  homes and churches, leading believers into apostasy  and even early death.

Kelly Jadon testifies about how God brought her out of darkness and made  her life a miracle:

  • Deliverance, physical and mental health care help are all crucial for healing mental illness
  • Demonic possession is real
  • Recovery is possible
  • Deliverance from demons is possible only with God

Kelly Jadon reveals from her own experience and the Word of God:

  • How the enemy enters and brings in more demons
  • How and why children are affected by demons
  • How curses hang on for generations
  • How generational iniquity comes through the mother’s family
  • The way out of the occult, demonism and mental illness
  • How and why demons attack the mentally ill
  • How the enemy uses humans to harm others physically and spiritually
  • What a suicide victim is thinking prior to killing him or herself

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